The Family.

(Many Workers, Wives and Wee ones.)

So, who are we?

Are we rednecks, farmers and country boys?  No, we are mostly out-of-state, redneck-farmer-countryboy-wanna-be's who share a passion for creativity and building.  We are probably the most productive and efficient construction family you have ever met.  Following are some pictures and history for you to get to know us a little better.

Bret Covher - President and CEW (Chief Executive Worker)

Dennie Covher is the tree the apple fell off of.  Presently helping with customer support, he is degreed in business and computer science.  After working in the computer industry for 35 years, he moved to Franklin to "get back to basics", milking jersey cows for 20 years.  He and his wife Diane have been married 46 years.

Though we have experience in conventional building and remodeling, we have worked on multiple timber frame log homes as well.  We enjoy stretching typical construction, but what we specialize in is creativity.  The company was started with only 3 essential ideas.

  • Quality should never be compromised (even if it hurts)
  • Creativity is encouraged (the details make the project)
  • Employees & Subs should share in the success (a man always takes care of what is his).

We set out to be different at the beginning.  We set out to be different in our heart, scrutiny and ethics.  We set out to be the best.

Bret Covher discovered his passion for construction somewhere around the age of 7 with his first lego kit.  Though other interests fed his love to create, like studying music all through the schooling years, he found he could completely express his creativity by building homes.  Bret is a father of 3 children, president of Carolina Builder and doesn't know when to quit working and stop to smell the roses.

Dan Schieffelin and his son Ian are head of the company's in-house electrical department with over 30 years of experience.  Dan holds a Master Electrician license and makes sure all is done right. (German).  Dan is the father of 6 children and getting old like Bret's dad.

The mean machine. 

Jason, Benjamin, Lazro, Raffa and Luis are project supervisors and  the heart of the company.  It don't get any better folks!  These guys are absolutely awesome just to watch.  Their teams excellence in craftsmanship and resolve makes each project a complete success in as fast a time as possible.

Tami Overly is part of the glue for Carolina Builder Services and keeps things moving at a steady pace with her organization, desire for standard procedure and her smile even as she is delivering a stern "no, Bret is busy".  Tami is a mother of two autistic boys and very creative with interior design.